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 Riveting plot: Paper burned to ground when small town newspaper publisher takes on corrupt political machine in rural southern county

  High Praise
For New Novel Enough 

           “Hylton”s experience as a small town newspaper editor/publisher makes Enough more than just a good read.  It is a seldom revealed window into the way corrupt political systems operate, regardless of their location and provides evidence of the value of an honest non compromised free press to all of us.”  
    Ronald Pearson, WV State Treasurer,  7/1975 to 1/1977

"There's nothing like a good old fashioned story about political corruption in West Virginia to pique a reader's interest.  Tony Hylton accomplishes that and more in Enough.  Hylton uses his experience in the newspaper business to weave a page-turner of a tale that will leave the reader cheering for principled small town journalism."
     Hoppy Kercheval, West Virginia Broadcaster of the year, host of “Talkline” statewide radio show.

    “Enough is a compelling narrative describing the machinations of a venal county political machine.  
    Set in Southern West Virginia during the famous 1960 John F. Kennedy Presidential primary,
     Tony Hylton exposes the tawdry details of exercising power in a corrupt political system.      He also captures the determined efforts of a brave newspaperman to clean it up.  Enough is a fast moving and intriguing read.”
      Retired former Director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys Department of Justice, Washington, D. C. Served as First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of WV 2.

   Enough - what happens when principled journalism collides with rough and tumble brand of politics found in southern West Virginia in 1960.

     New publisher of the Lawnsville Crier, Rick Hill, learns quickly the newspaper is a major force in Jordan County, but also quickly understands the power the crooked old-line politicos have in every facet of the county.
     Enough gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at how corruption can take root and survive in a small town.
    On top of that,  the influence the political machine has in state and national elections comes to the forefront in this powerful new novel.
     Watching flames leap into the spring sky as his dream turned into a nighmare was not something that Rick Hill thought about when deciding to leave a comfortable job and join his father in buyng the small newspaper in Lawnsville, West Virginia.
     Rick Hill would face corrupt, devious  politicians who would stop at nothing to maintain their political power.
    In reaction to the "new" Crier, two political kingpins set in motion a conspiracy that would burn the Lawnsville Crier to the ground and\ Hill on a deserted county road.
    The key question in Enough - Could the black ink of the Crier pages overcome the green ink on the mountains of election cash being spent to keep the corrupt political machine in power? 
    Was it possible that We the People would say "enough" and with their ballots defeat the crooks that had ruled over Jordan County for decades?
    Rick Hill had iittle confidence that they would.

C. D. "Tony" Hylton, III - While Enough is fiction, Tony has been around journalism for more than 76 or his 77 years.
      He writes the fictional Enough from a background of first hand small town newspaper experience.
    He was less than a month old when printers' ink was applied to his tiny feet and a foot print made on newsprint as his sportwriter father held him.
     His connection with this honorable profession has taken many forms - Editor/Publisher of the Hinton (WV) Daily News (now the Hinton News); visiting professor of journalism at Susquehanna University; public relations practioner for a national trade association in Washington, D. C. and Weirton Steel in northern West Virginia; Communications Director for AARP Virginia and Public Information Officer (PIO) for a major U.S. Army headquarters in the Republic of Vietnam. 
     Tony is a proud two-time graduate of West Virginia University (Bachelors of Science of Journalism, 1965 and Masters of Arts, Political Science, 1972).


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